Friday, July 31, 2009

Weird ways to save water

As homeowners and some renters know, water bills can be expensive. Ours went up $20 last quarter and I am not sure why. So, here are a few off the wall ways that I try to save water.

  • I empty the dehumidifier water into a bucket and water my plants with it. On these humid summer days, I dump it a lot. It's free water and it saves me from running the faucet to get fresh water for the plants.
  • I shower at the gym whenever I can. Come on! It makes sense. We pay $70 for a gym membership, I can at least use their water as often as possible!
Ok, those are only two weird ways I save water! Any other more practical ideas?

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Jen Vogelsong said...

I do the shower-at-the-gym thing when I can, too.

And when my tub faucet was leaky, I made sure there was always a bucket underneath to collect the drips, which I used to water my plants.

I've heard of rain barrels, too, for collecting water for plants.